The Benefits

Hemp Milk is one of the more beneficial dairy-free milk alternatives in the fact that it is packed with a wide variety of nutrients. Hemp milk is naturally lactose and cholesterol free. It is also a reliant source for Omega fatty acids, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6. On top of that, it is a abundant source for protein, only second to soy milk. Some of the other nutrients found in hemp milk include potassium, phosphorous, riboflavin, Vitamin A, E, D, and B12, Magnesium, Zinc, and Folic Acid. Hemp Milk is a great way to enhance your Vitality.
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The History of Hemp Milk

The hemp milk plant and it's seeds have been cultivated for centuries across Asia and Europe. As a food product in the West, hemp seeds can be traced as far back as to 1606 in Canada and then a little later in the USA. The use of hemps seeds, and hemp seed milk can be traced back to 1873, when it was used in a rough state to feed farm animals. In the modern day, hemp milk gets a lot of controversy whether or not it contains THC, the psychoactive chemical found in marijuana. But rest assured that it is not in hemp and should not be associated with the plant.
The Process

Hemp Milk is made from organic hemp seeds. The Seeds are combined with water into a blender, once the mixture reaches the desired consistency, it is then poured into a strainer to remove all of the seed particles. The result is hemp milk. It is noted for having a creamy, sweet flavor, making it a prime option for a lactose free substitute for dairy milk.